Our Services

We specialize in the purchase of properties of whichis buying and selling of properties, this include marketing of properties, advertising of properties, pre-qualifying of clients, applications of different government subsidies, cash purchasers and also Bond applications for our clients.

We mostly specialize in clients that commonly qualify for FLISP government subsidy as they are the most clients we come across along our geographical area, over the years we have helped hundreds of our clients with buying and selling of properties.Since 2013 we have been specializing in FLISP government subsidy and we have had a rapidly growing number of clients that qualifies for FLISP government subsidy as most of our client falls under the low cost housing.

Our value and pride is compliance, asReatshepa properties always looks to provide the best service for our clients,we believe more in interacting with our clients and having to communicate transparently with our clients for a more thorough understanding between the seller and the purchaser, we take initiative and full responsibility in communicating with both parties and making sure that the seller and the purchaser are both happy and satisfied with the service that we provide.

Stakeholder engagement: We possess the necessary skill, experience and trust to engage with both formal township residents and informal settlement residents on issues relating to RDP housing, Affordable housing (FLISP) and rental options (Social housing).

Partnerships: We always take initiative to help grow the youth of South Africa by teaming up with SERVICE SECTOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING AUTHORITY (SSETA) and playing that most needed role of hosting, empowering, developing and also training the youth through a Learnership in Real Estate.

This is seen as a way paving also an education opportunity to the community and also other agencies as this is helping us on our mission of eliminating all the illegal activities that all the unregistered agents and agencies are pursuing as we always choose to lead by example, we believe that this will ease and bring back the trust that the community(valued clients) has lost through the years.