About Us

The Name: Reatshepa Properties was established in 1996, under the name Reatshepa Properties cc. The name Reatshepa means “we trust” which was founded by Mrs M.M Mohanoe, the name was influenced by experiences and stereotypes of how people (valued clients) see and describe the estate agents as fraudsters. It is a name that defines all our values and visions as a company. It became a name that defines the values and also the motives of the company. In which is to work and operate under the South African constitutional law and also abide by the rules and regulations of the ESTATE AGENCY AFFAIRS BOARD OF SOUTH AFRICA (EAAB).

Our vision is to make a difference throughout the community by educating the people on how to buy and sell properties.

Our mission is to lawfully and truthfully provide an excellent service to our clients both the sellers and purchasers.

Our goal is to help our clients with a hustle free process of buying and selling houses. We offer our clients best of services such as marketing their properties through our various marketing techniques and we also help our purchasing clients with various government subsidies.

Ownership: The Company is 100% black woman owned and operated by the registered and accredited principal, Mrs Mirriam Mohanoe. Mirriam has more than 20 years experience in estate agency business with special focus in the perceived difficult markets of the townships. Despite all the perceived difficulties, Mirriam successfully set up a thriving business operating from a successful Thabong Shopping mall, situated strategically within access to her clients.

Capacity to deliver: The company is currently staffed with 10 well-trained and highly motivated estate agents, who are fully knowledgeable and passionate about empowering our target market to make sound selling and purchasing decisions.